A project that realizes dreams even if there are obstacles. I want everyone to read it!

Nice to meet you, my name is Morikuni Machida.
We will start a dream project even if there are obstacles.

Tuesday, May 12th 11: 00-Tuesday, June 30th 23:00
At crowdfunding site READYFOR,
We will challenge crowdfunding to raise funds for the establishment of a multifunctional office (day service + working continuation support type B) that can be challenged even with severe disabilities.

#A project that realizes dreams even with obstacles
# A project that makes your dreams come true even if you have a disability
# A project that fulfills dreams with and without disabilities
#Crowd funding
#No failure is the number one failure

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(5/12 11: 00-6 / 30 23:00)

newspaper article

As a care worker, a service manager, a manager, and a person with a disability consultation support specialist, I have been involved in the disability welfare business, including nursing insurance, and have learned a lot. I also work as a photographer (photographer) by myself, in order to convey what I can do from scratch and what I can do now.

I’ve been working in the field of welfare for about 20 years, but I’ve felt uncomfortable with the low wages that users can receive and the small number of work style options. I would like to empathize not only with the benefits, but also with the joy of earning the same benefits as everyone, even if I have a disability since I was just born, or if I have various illnesses or illnesses. ..

As one of the solutions to such feelings of motivation, instead of giving up because my hands and feet do not move, I think that “individuality” (I think disability is “individuality”) and “human power”. I would like to launch together with everyone who can share a new workplace where I can work even if I have a severe digital disability.

In my head, the idea is just coming up, and I need funds to start a business in order to get the waiting users to use it. There is a shortage of about 3 million yen for the launch. Still, I don’t want to give up because of money. We decided to take on the challenge of crowdfunding if we could do it with the help of everyone. First of all, it will be a challenge from the minimum required fund of 500,000 yen, but I would like to ask for your warm support.
A loan (borrowing) business plan requires 10 million yen. (Property rent, welfare vehicle, working capital, etc.)
The goal is to collect 3 million yen for business establishment costs by June 30.

So, please give me one request.
Thank you for supporting my project,
Would you push my back?

I would like to make this project a success.
I wrote it for a long time, but I really appreciate your reading.

“Click here for details”
(Tuesday, May 12th 11:00 pm-Post-release link)
  Machida Morikuni



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